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這是大學實用英語4ppt,包括了Highlights,Imitate and Memorize,Mother’s Day and Father’s Day,Structure,New Words,Phrases and Expressions,Proper Nouns等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


實用大學英語 Book 2 Unit Four Section A Listening and Speaking ◆ 掌握Making an Arrangement的相關表達 Section B Reading ◆ 閱讀兩篇有關Life的文章 ◆ 閱讀一篇有關Menu的應用文 Section C Trying Your Hand ◆了解動詞的用法 ◆學習Greeting Card的寫法 ① make sure 確保,保證 ② You’re going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信這是對我們的特殊照顧了。 ③ convenient 方便的,便利的 ④ schedule 計劃表,日程安排表 ⑤ much as we’d like to 盡管我們很愿意 ⑥ itinerary 預定行程,旅行計劃 ⑦ work out 制定 ⑧ announce 宣布 Dialogue 1 Ⅰ. Listen to the dialogue and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogue again and fill in the blanks with the information you’ve heard. Ⅲ Role Play Dialogue 2 Ⅰ. Listen to the dialogue and complete the following statements with the information you’ve heard. Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogue again and answer the following questions. Passage 1 Now you’ll hear a passage. Listen to it and complete the following sentences according to the information you’ve heard with the words and phrases provided in the box. Then listen to it again and check your answers. Passage 2 Ⅰ. Now you’ll hear a passage, which is followed by four questions. Listen to it and choose the best answer to each of the following questions. Then listen to it again and check your answers. Ⅱ. Discuss with your partners about how to make an arrangement and share your opinions with the whole class. 日程安排禮儀 由于文化背景(culture background)不同,各國的時間觀念也不盡相同。因此,了解擬訪問國家的工作時間及假日情況,對合理地安排商務活動日程、順利地開展業務十分必要。 工作日 (Workday) 多數國家的工作日是周一至周五或周一至周六。 節假日 (Holiday) 了解當地特殊的節假日時間及風俗習慣。 工作時間 (Working Hours) 美國人的工作時間(working hours)一般為8∶30至16∶30或 9∶00至17∶00。中午有半小時至一小時的午餐時間。 守時 (Punctuality) 對多數歐洲人和美國人來說,讓別人等候是不禮貌的行為。即使你的客戶遲到,你也應按時 (on schedule)赴約。 Pre-class Work: Two-minute Presentation read the text by yourself before class → try to answer the questions below with the given expressions → organize your ideas into a short passage → give a two-minute presentation in class ★ Questions: 1. What is junk food? 2. What kind of junk food do you like to eat? 3. Why is junk food so attractive? 4. Is it good for our health to eat junk food? Why? 5. Is it important for us to eat healthy food? ★ Useful Expressions∶ salted 鹽腌的 canned 罐裝的 nutrition 營養 nutritional 營養的,滋養的 additive 添加劑 attractive有魅力的 shelf life 貨架期, 保存期限 dental disease 牙病 calorie 卡路里(熱量單位)overweight 超重的 lose weight 減肥 cell 細胞 tasty 好吃的,可口的 fried chicken炸雞 French fries 炸薯條, 炸土豆片 flavor風味, 滋味 Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Background tips 美國的中餐廳 中餐流行 在美國,中餐廳非常流行,比麥當勞 (McDonald’s) 還多。在唐人街 (Chinatown) 有大量的中餐館,從蘭州拉面 (Stretched noodles)、臺灣小吃 (snack)、香港早茶 (Cantonese tea)、四川麻婆豆腐 (Spicy hot bean curd) 到廣東海鮮 (seafood),應有盡有。 美式中餐 中餐在菜的口味和風格 (style) 上,都經歷了一場適應美國人習慣的革命——味道大致相同:有點黏,帶點甜;飯菜備好,放入碟子,沒有骨頭,沒有殼,也沒有刺。 廣受歡迎 美國人喜歡中餐首先是因為中餐講究原汁原味,口味新鮮。而美國食品工業化傾向明顯,嚴重抑制了人們的食欲;其次,中餐葷素搭配,比例合理,美國人則肉食偏多,導致肥胖癥 (adiposity)流行;最后,中餐是合餐,氣氛溫馨。 Structure Para. 1∶ The usual time for Americans to go out for dinner. Para. 2-5∶ Some popular restaurants that the American families usually go to.  Para. 6∶ It describes the buffet style that American restaurants sometimes serve. New Words Phrases and Expressions Proper Nouns Notes ① Food is already prepared,so they pay the money and sit down. prepared 在這里用作形容詞,表狀態而不是動作。類似的表達法如: She was dressed in white. They became excited by the news of victory. ② There is often a play area for children which is very popular with kids. 這種餐館常有孩子的玩耍區域,很受孩子們的歡迎。在這里,which指代的是play area。 ③ They have a chicken sandwich and a fish sandwich which includes butter and a green vegetable called lettuce. 這里出售雞肉和魚肉三明治,里面夾著牛油和一種叫生菜的綠色蔬菜。 butter黃油,牛油(一種油脂、水、空氣,有時還加鹽的軟的淺黃或白色的乳化物,通過攪拌牛奶或乳脂而得,有時用色拉油) ④ Italian restaurants serve pizza mostly but some serve Italian noodles called spaghetti or macaroni. 大多數意大利餐館都賣比薩,但也有些餐館賣意大利式細面條或是通心粉。 spaghetti(意大利式)實心面條 macaroni通心粉(面粉糊壓成空心管形或其他形狀,如蝴蝶面,晾干,以備煮食) ⑤ Many people from south China own restaurants in America so they serve Cantonese style. 很多中國南方人在美國開餐館,經營廣式菜肴。 CantoneseGuangzhou (以前被稱為 Canton),廣州(廣東)的,廣州人的,廣州話的 ⑥ dessert table甜點 可以代指飯菜。 e.g. Keep an excellent table. 總是吃得非常好。 還可以代指同席用餐或做其他事的人。 e.g. a table of card-players 一桌玩紙牌的人 Exercises Task 1 Trying to Remember It Fill in the blanks without referring to the original text. Then check your answers. After that, read the passage aloud until you can say it from memory. Task 2 Reading Comprehension Ⅰ. Tell whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) according to the text. Ⅱ. Answer the following questions and make a summary of the text. Task 3 Vocabulary & Structure Ⅰ. Crossword. Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the words given below. Ⅲ. Replace the underlined parts with the words in the box, changing the form where necessary. Task 4 Translation Ⅰ. Translate the following sentences, using the words in the brackets. Ⅱ. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. Potluck About the Theme 百樂餐(potluck dinner)是一種特殊的社交形式,用以聯絡鄰居之間的感情。在過去,聚餐會上,主婦們搭起長桌,擺上食品請大家就餐。這種風俗習慣一直延續至今。 New Words Phrases and Expressions Proper Nouns Notes ① potluck百樂餐 每個客人都自帶食物,然后大家一起吃的一頓飯,常常是為了借此聯絡感情,是鄰里間的交際活動,也作 potluck supper。 ② Barbershop Quartet理發店四重唱 一種無伴奏重唱的歌唱方法,于公元1890年至1920年發源于美國。初期是男聲四重唱,現今則包括女聲及混聲四重唱。 ③ solo 獨唱曲:用于獨唱或獨奏的樂曲或樂段,有伴奏或無伴奏皆可。 單獨表演:由單個人進行的表演。 Exercises Ⅰ. Choose the best answer according to the text you have read. Ⅱ. Discuss the following questions with your partners. Menu New Words Phrases and Expressions Notes ① oz=Ounce盎司 ② Bar B Q=barbecue烤燒 從它名字的變化,可以看出這個詞使用頻率很高:barbecue, Barbecue, Bar-B-Q, Bar-B-Que, Bar-B-Cue, BBQ or Q,無論用什么拼法,這個詞給美國人帶來的總是這樣的畫面:烤肉的香味彌漫,從燒紅的木炭中升起冉冉青煙。燒烤在美國已經成為一種交際文化,人們會在自家后院,邀請同學或鄰居一起露天燒烤,別有一番風味。 Exercises Translate the menu into English and try to order a dinner in English. 動詞 一、實義動詞(Notional Verb) 實義動詞(又稱行為動詞)包括及物動詞(Transitive Verb)和不及物動詞(Intransitive Verb)兩種, 在句中可以單獨充當謂語。 1. 及物動詞(vt.)必須帶賓語。二、不規則變化。 2. 不及物動詞(vi.)不需要帶賓語。 二、聯系動詞(Link Verb) 1. 系動詞be∶本身無詞義,不能單獨作謂語,必須和表語一起構成謂語。 2. 部分實義動詞充當的聯系動詞:look(看起來), appear(似乎), seem(好像),feel(覺得),remain(仍然是),keep(保持),sound(聽起來),taste(嘗起來),become(成為),turn(變為),get(變得),grow(變得),go(變成,進入…的狀態),come(成為,證實為),fall(變成),run(變成,進入…的狀態)等。 三、助動詞 1. 助動詞be, do, have, will (would), shall (should)等 2. 情態助動詞(Modal Verb) Exercises Ⅰ. Underline the predicate of each sentence. Ⅱ. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions. 賀卡 一、常用語 表示住院的句子常用一下結構來表達: 1. Happy…! 2. With Best Wishes… 3. All the best(…)! 4. I wish you+名詞(形容詞)。 5. I hope+(that)從句。 6. 用“may”或“congratulations”引導表示祝愿的句子。 二、范例 Notes ① 稱呼:指受賀人的稱呼。稱呼一般在賀卡的左上方,稱呼前常用to。如To my dearest friend(致我最親愛的朋友)等。 ② 賀詞:通常寫一些固定的祝賀用語,當然賀詞也可根據實際情況寫一些簡短的表示感謝和良好祝愿的話。 ③ 祝賀人的簽名:一般寫在賀卡的右下方,在姓名前常加介詞from,也可不加。 Exercises Ⅰ. Complete the two cards according to the Chinese words in the brackets. Ⅱ. Translate the April Fools Day card and write your own one.

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